• iPhone Case Power Bank
  • EN-RM-1158x545

Double your battery capacity and remarkable fusion of design

Designed to provide unobstructed, day-to-day protection for your iPhone 5, this battery case naturally fits in your hand, pocket, or handbag. Colorful frames enables your iPhone become part of your self-expression. A built-in kickstand lets you easily enjoy your favorite videos, photos, and FaceTime, hands-free. Add that to the forward-directing audio ports that enhance your audio experience on your iPhone 5, the Rainbow battery case is a remarkable fusion of design and function.

Color Black & Black White & Blue White & Pink White & Green
 BKBK-400  WHBL-400  WHPK-400  WHGR-400
Battery Type Li-Polymer
Capacity 2400mAh
Input Voltage 5.0V 1A (Max)
Output Voltage 5.0±0.25V 1A
Standby Time Up to 255h
Talk Time Up to 8.0h
Dimensions 16.6mm(T) x 62.3mm(W) x 137mm(L)
Weight Approx. 80g
Input Interface Micro USB
Output Interface Lightning
  • The Aegis Pro is the fusion of innovative ideas packed inside an elegant and practical form.
  • At it’s most basic function, the Aegis Pro is a durable protective case that is not only lightweight and comfortable during use, but also protects your iPhone from accidental bumps and scratches as well.
  • It’s also a battery reservoir that comes packed a high-capacity lithium polymer battery, that can extend your battery life up to 8 hours.
  • The Aegis Pro is also mated with a wireless charging pad that eliminates cable clutter and the extra effort of aligning and orienting the connector in order to plug in the charging cable.  Experience the simplicity and freedom of charging wirelessly.
  • All this is pack into an elegant and classic form that are expressed in a variety of colors that matches your personality.
  • The Aegis Pro gives your iPhone protection, extended battery life, and instantly turns your iPhone into a wireless charging device.


Model# EN-APBK01 EN-APWH01
 APWH-02-JPG-500  APBK-02-JPG-500
Color Black & Tan Black & White
Battery Type Li-Polymer
Capacity 2200mAh
Input 5.0V 1A (Max)
Output 5.0V 1.0A
Dimensions 138.2x63.2x15.5mm
Weight Approx. 2.8oz
Input Interface Micro USB
Output Interface Lightning